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EUGENE SIMON is a London-born actor best known for his role as ‘Lancel Lannister’ on HBO's GAME OF THRONES. While recurring throughout the series, Eugene also starred in a lead role on Nickelodeon's HOUSE OF ANUBIS for three seasons. 


Eugene recently produced the film RESONANCE in which he plays the lead role of ‘Toby.’  In addition, Eugene recently filmed the lead role in KILL BEN LYK.


Eugene played Eduard Einstein with co-star Geoffrey Rush as Einstein in the Ron Howard’s National Geographic Channel Emmy nominated production of GENIUS.  Eugene also stars in THE LODGERS with fellow alum Game of Thrones David Bradley, Directed by Brian O’Malley (Let Us Prey) from a script by David Turpin.

On his 18th birthday, Eugene was offered both GAME OF THRONES & HOUSE OF ANUBIS and between filming the two shows, Eugene debuted as lead American characters in his first US films, BEFORE I SLEEP as fictional poet ‘Eugene Devlin’ alongside HARRY POTTER co-star Bonnie Wright, and Lord-of-the-Flies-esque movie EDEN as US soccer player ‘Kennefick’.


Eugene resides between London and Los Angeles throughout the year.



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