rewrite trauma

THEA PHAM, PhD is an award winning biotech entrepreneur and was the youngest person in her class at UCLA to graduate with a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. 


THEA's incredible story and message that unexpectedly went viral, sparked a much needed global conversation on generational trauma and mental health for immigrant communities.  


THEA’s viral video garnered 29M views on TikTok and over 60M views across social media.  Overwhelmed from the response from the endless first-generation immigrants with similar stories, Thea feels it is time to rewrite generational trauma.


THEA subsequently nurtured a community of thousands and recently hosting 3 town-hall chats with over 40k attendees across TikTok and Zoom.


Sharing ‘generational trauma’ has resonated tremendously and her message is striking a chord with many cultures, not only  in the Asian American and Pacific Islanders but many immigrant cultures throughout America.


Her family knows she is driven and successful and cultural tradition dictates that, "It's your time, you made it, it's your time to pay it back,"

But at what cost? 


THEA is a first-generation immigrant from Vietnam and she came to the United States at the age of 15.

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