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CHAVO GUERRERO JR is a third generation veteran of professional wrestling and a member of the famous  Guerrero wrestling family. After a 20+ year wrestling career and working at the top of the wrestling business for companies such as WCW and WWE, Chavo decided to step away from being in front of the camera, and concentrate on creating content behind the camera. In 2014, Chavo became the Supervising Producer of Mark Burnett’s critically acclaimed hit show, “Lucha Underground”, a comic book like wrestling television show that was the #1 show on Director Robert Rodriguez’ “El Rey” Network.

In 2016, Chavo became the wrestling coordinator for Netflix’s Emmy winning GLOW, a show loosely based on the 1980’s Saturday morning show that showcased an all woman wrestling cast for the very first time. In 2020, Chavo became the Wrestling Coordinator for the #1 show on TV, Young Rock, the story of Dwayne Johnson’s life. Chavo has been nominated for 3 SAG Awards, winning in 2018. Chavo also partnered with Lion Forge Comics, to create a Comic Book, “Warrior’s Creed”, based on his Family’s Legacy.

In 2019, Chavo collaborated with Alosta Brewing Co, to create his own award winning craft beer, “Los Guerreros Mexican Lager”.


In the industry that Chavo grew up in, he is an avid believer about his fitness and knows how important it is to keep healthy. Knowing how quickly this industry evolves, he is always willing to learn new training techniques. That is why Chavo has partnered with “Rock Solid Nutrition”, to help Chavo achieve his fitness goals.


Check out what's new with Chavo on Twitter: @mexwarrior | Instagram: @ChavoGuerreroJr

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